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Joya Crystal Massage


Do your hips, legs or feet get sore – and a blissful massage is out of reach?
Do you suffer from tense muscles, back pain, tension headaches, lack of energy or do you simply feel stressed?
Would you welcome a massage the moment you feel the tension building up, feeling exhausted from your busy day?
How valuable would it be to have a handy tool that allows you to give you that instant relief – easily and effectively?
….Imagine asking your partner for a little back rub after a long day and you not only get a “Yes, of course my Darling.”, but it would be a long massage too, as your partner won't get sore thumbs! And you could even return the favour with ease… Wouldn't that enhance your relationship?

What is JOYA? What Benefits does it have? Why do you need one?

  • JOYA stands for a range of absolutely handy and effective massage rollers.
  • JOYAs freely rotating crystal spheres create great pressure and do the actual massage – NOT your thumb!
  • JOYA can immediately relieve muscle tensions, headaches, and stress, is great for back pain relief as self massage and partner massage.
  • JOYA is ideal to warm muscles before training, workout, yoga and to sooth them afterwards.
  • JOYA relieves tension when computer work is hurting your neck and shoulders.
  • JOYA is easy to use for people of all ages.
  • JOYA allows you to safely self-treat, from head to toe – supporting your health regime in-between professional massages.
  • JOYA is a daily contribution to your and your family’s well-being.
  • Everybody can massage with JOYA – without hurting your thumbs and hands.
  • JOYA is greatly effective through clothing.
  • JOYA Massagers can be used everywhere and any time – at home, at work, after sports, while travelling.
  • JOYA allows you to connect with your partner by exchanging relaxing massages.
  • JOYA is the perfect gift for yourself, loved ones, friends, colleagues and for the person who has everything
  • JOYAs are superbly crafted, high quality products made in Germany that are not only amazingly functional but also look great on your coffee table or desk.